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Introduce of Jahad Nasr Fars

Jahad Nasr Fars is active in the field of development economic and investment activities, implementation of oil and gas projects, road construction, agriculture and greenhouse, fisheries, trade, import nd export. Jahad Nasr Fars company was established in 1992 with the aim of providing services to the country in development and infrastructure projects as a subset of Jahad Nasr institute. The company now owns nearly 3000 shears as a private equity firm among the great valuable families of martyrs, martyrs and veterans. Relaying on experience, knowledge and human resources in order to create value for shareholders, the company takes steps through the development of construction and economic businesses in subsidiaries such as; Abniye Sazan Nasr Pars company has it.

Certificates and Honors




Designer and Implementation of Large Consttruction Projects

 Ten Years Prospection of Jahad Nasr Fars Holding


  • The first construction and investment company in the south of Iran
  • Being among the top 100 companies in Iran country
  • Create a diverse agile, smart, and value-added holding company


Jahad Nasr Fars holding consists of employees and martyrs who have learned experience in varous fields of developement and construction of Iran and aim to creat develope and synergize subsidiaries to creative value and achieve sustainable competitive advantages provide valuable services to human sociaty in terms of civil and economic activities in order to use national resources and create infrustructure inside and outside of Iran. The main of our features are unestly, accelerate the action, quality, innovation and felexibility in order to satisfy costomers. Human resources are our must valuable assets, and the continues improvement of their knowledge, expertise, and skills their well being, and the strengthening of thier participation are among our top periorities. We firmly blieve hat our shareholders are most honorable people in sociaty likewise we will do our best to increase their satisfaction by increasing their wealth and dividends. 

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Oil & Gas

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